Although our company is already world-renown for our olives, we could not leave our clients dissatisfied and not supply a range of accompaniments. For this reason we have wanted to supply a live to use in symbiosis with our fantastic olives. As an accompaniment we offer, for example, wedges of artichoke hearts in oil. No rice salad would be complete without their addition, together with the use of our sliced black olives. Our how about making some delicious linguine pasta with capers and pitted green olives It is the simplest of recipes that highlight the singularity and the delicacy of our products, not only of our famous olives, but also of our “affini” line of accompaniments. For a fast appetizer, why not prepare a few bowls of olives, possibly our esteemed Nocellare del Belice olives, to be nibbled on together  
with some of our Lupinus. The former as well as the later are also a great accompaniment to a basket of bread-sticks and crackers, or a cutting board stacked with different varieties of cold cuts and cheeses. Our company has wanted to anticipate your every need for olives and accompaniments, supplying you with a broad range of products of superior quality.

Marinated Artichokes Slices
Miccio's Olives
Green Olives
Black Olives

Marinated Olives

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