Who We Are

The enterprise was established in 1912.

The founder, a small artisan/seller of the product, was great-great-grandfather Salvatore Miccio. Since then there has been great-grandfather Giuseppe, Grandfather Giovanni and his sons: Giuseppe, Salvatore and Vincenzo (who is currently the chairman of the company). From a mainly itinerant enterprise, back in Grandfather Giovanni’s days, our company has now evolved. On the one hand, through an accurate pursuit for the best products during each autumnal harvest and with direct contact with the farmers. On the other hand, though modernization, to give an innovative guise to our packaged product, which in the olden days were only sold loose/unpackaged.

To distinguish ourselves from the others, we have encased our products in a variety of containers, trying to anticipate the needs of our clients and the evolution of their tastes. Where will the company be headed in the future? We will try to further specialize our packaging to comply with the most modern and safe methodology (both to avoid any form of contamination as well as to promote the utmost hygiene)… All the while maintaining – as our clients can attest  – our great efforts in supplying the highest quality products.

To that end, our company policy obliges us to adhere to traditional century-old methods and techniques, whilst progressing into the future of technology. We wish to underline that the future of our company will be partly due to the extraordinary world of the Nocellara del Belice Olive (P.D.O.), for whom we are and want to continue being  the indisputable experts.

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