Olive Recipes

Whether they are green or black, and with all the hues in between that distinguish them, olives are one of the most genuine and versatile products available on the market. They add that extra gusto and flavour to any dish and any course. For this reason, Miccio has decided to dedicate an entire section of their site to olive recipes that could cover any and every moment of the day.

A delicious breakfast starts with eggs, and you can add the olives to the mixture (as in a Spanish omelette) or use them in the filling (as they do in the Greek variety).For a quick, light and healthy olive recipe, why not try a pasta salad for lunch? Another suitable summer recipe with olives is a simple salad made from tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella balls and black olives. Garnish with basil and serve with a vinaigrette made of balsamic vinegar.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinnertime, our olive recipes can always help. As they are exceptionally tasty and very often easy to make, nobody can miss our olive recipes in any eating habits. Please keep reading this section of our site to keep up-to-date with our latest olive recipes and…. Enjoy your meal!

Green Olive Recipes
Black Olive Recipes
Marinated Olive Recipes
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