Pitted Olives “Capricciosa”

Pitted Olives "Capricciosa"

The Italian word “Capricciosa” (literally translated as capricious) often evokes images of volubility and unpredictability... but there there is no uncertainness in the flavours of this traditional recipe, which over the course of 60 years has become one of the favoured products by our loyal customers. It is capricious because it is extraordinary, original and creative. To our pitted green and black olives – originating either in Sicily or Greece – we add some delicious wedges of artichoke hearts, fillets of colourful peppers, and yummy straw mushrooms. To perfect our recipe, we then add aromas, salt and the traditional oil bath. Our capricciosa olives create a perfect combination for the palate, rich in flavour whilst maintaining an elegant delicacy... They are ideal to be nibbled on as is, or you could let yourself go to your culinary whimsy and create an interesting recipe around them. Even the most boring of salads gets a blast of zing with a handful of our cappriciosa olives. Or if you are willing to put a little more time and bring some culinary prowess to the table, this recipe adds a fast and intense topping to your pizza... Or you could add them directly to the pizza dough to create a hot, fragrant, irresistible focaccia bread.
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Calories (Kcal/Kj) Fat (g) (saturated) Carbohydrate (g) Proteins (g) Salt (g)
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*Typical value per 100g.
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