Pitted Olives “Boscaiola”

Pitted Olives "Boscaiola"

Boscaiola olives are a tradition in Italian cuisine, arousing bouquet of Sicilian aromas and eliciting thoughts of a walk in a pine grove when trying to evade the heat of summer. Our pitted olives – either Sicilian or Greek in origin – get seasoned with tasty and colourful pepper fillets and straw mushrooms. This specific type of mushroom is highly in demand for its nutritional value and for its delectable essence. These ingredients then are salted and seasoned, and drenched in a bath of oil, accentuating and maintaining the flavours warm and lively. Enjoy these olives as an appetizer or as a yummy snack, and you won't be let down. After your first taste, you will understand what it means to have achieved prestige in the art of the antipasto. And you can always add further ingredients of your own liking to increment this delicious marinade... for example, heart of palm or corn. But don't feel that our marinated olives can be used only as a starter course. Our Boscaiola olives are an easily available addition for a pasta salad, ready in just a few minutes, and needing only the incorporation of your favourite cheese (cubed mozzarella for a more delicate result, or matured pecorino for a more powerful flavour). Or why not make a sassy side dish, using our marinated olives to sauté broccoli and celery? Either way, our Boscaiola olives never disappoint.
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