Black Olives Recipes

Black olives are among the most typical products of the Mediterranean cuisines and offer numerous ways of being tasted. For this reason, we decided that an important section of our site was needed to let our clients and users enjoy green olives in any ways. These black olive recipes can go from the easier and faster variety, like a bruschetta with olive paste or caprese with olives, to those that are slightly more complicated. Ranging from traditional recipes, such as an Italian pasta puttanesca, to more original ones such as Quinoa Salad, it was our effort to help by giving you some ideas for a healthy and creative cuisine based on black olives recipes

As a fresh and summery appetizer (or even a tasty side dish), why not try a salad made of oranges, fennel and black olives? Add an onion, the juice of an orange and a lemon, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and fresh mint leaves. It’s a quick dish, modern and very easy. For a recipe with black olives of greatest difficulty, why not make fresh pasta, adding pureed black olives to the mixture?

The ones above are just of the possible black olive recipes. You will find even more of them in this section. Check them out!

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