Pitted Olives “Paesanella”

Pitted Olives "Paesanella"

For our “Paesanella” pitted olive marinade we chose only the best olives: the “schiacciatelle” from Sicily (whose name literally means “little squashed ones”), from Nocellare del Belice (our premium olive growing area). They are chosen based on their colour, dimensions and quality, before being aged for two years. This creates an unmistakable and irreplaceable strong, intense, determined flavour. This age-old recipe is being offered for those of you that love something a little more powerful, robust and aromatic. The complexity of the flavour profile evokes  unique flavours, above and beyond the pungent taste of the olive on their own. This however does not impede them from being, at the same time, extremely versatile. Their use allows for burst of flavour in your daily cuisine. Our clients, after a first taste, are always fast at reordering this delicacy. One should always keep a container of Paesanella olives in one's fridge, because you never know when you might want to add them to your started platter or nibble on them with a good glass of wine. To this end, they are delectable both before and after dinner... And why not accompany them with a bowl of marinated feta (which you can make on your own adding olive oil, rosemary, red peppercorns, juniper and fresh dill). However which way you chose to savour our Paesanella olives, you will never be let down.
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