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Tris Olives

As those of us that love olives in general know, no product range would be complete without a mixture of different types of olives. Our Tris (trio) of olives includes the “schiacchiate” (either Sicilian or Greek in Origin), Passoloni olives (the large tasty brown olive with a violet hue) and the Leccino olive from Lazio. They are then marinated in oil, salt and spices. It is an exciting mix of pitted, schiacciate and giant black olives, that follow the hand-picked tradition. They are then washed and attentively marinades, because for us, attention to detail and quality are of the utmost importance . This tris of olives is perfect to be eaten as is... or one could throw them into a blender and then spread the creamy mixture onto some hot chunks of bread... or use the same mixture and blend it into your mashed potatoes, so as to give them that extra kick. And for those of you that are not watching your weight, we suggest a warm and inviting dish that is perfect for a winter evening: a three-coloured “peperonata” using bell peppers, sausage and our unmistakable tris of olives.
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Calories (Kcal/Kj) Fat (g) (saturated) Carbohydrate (g) Proteins (g) Salt (g)
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*Typical value per 100g.
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