Lupinus Recipes

Among the superior quality products offered by Miccio, we also have lupin products. These precious vegetables have great nutritional values. Indeed, they are reach in highly digestible proteins and omega-3 fats that can give a boost to your day. Apart from their nutritive nutritional facts, it is worth mentioning their premium taste. That is why an entire section fully dedicated to lupin recipes must have been part of our site

As a first lupin recipe, how could we not offer a quick dish made with two delicious products of the Miccio family: lupins with pitted green olives. Mix the two together with some chopped sun-dried tomatoes, a little oil … parsley, salt and pepper and the recipe is on the table. Another easy lupin recipe is a paté of lupins, made with Miccio products. Similar to Hummus, you make the paté by blending the lupins along with a teaspoon of tahini (sesame cream) and then with olive oil and a clove of garlic. Or why not try a lupins -based mayonnaise. Whisk together with apple vinegar, and add water, turmeric, mustard powder and chili powder (which is optional, but of great taste).

Recipes with lupins is gourmet food that is unmissable for those who simply like great food and like to stay away from ordinary dishes. Keep up-to-date on this section with our latest lupin recipes and again…enjoy your meal!