Marinated Olives Recipes

There is nothing like a good, tasty and genuine product as the basis for a good recipe. The marinated olives recipes offer just that: dishes that are rich flavour but keep unaltered the organoleptic properties of the olives (not just the flavour but also the colour and texture). The recipes with marinated olives are geared towards quick and easy preparations. They are perfect for those who love good food but maybe do not have time for dedicate to cooking.

When we think of the recipes with marinated olives we think of green salads or tomatoes, or of a fresh rice salads to eat with our friends on a hot summer day. Then there are many recipes for using these olives in tasty sauces. Miccio wanted to propose to its consumers some innovative recipes … why not try something new? For example, a pairing that would not immediately spring to mind is that between pumpkin and olives. The pumpkin, with its intensely sweet taste seems at odds with the slightly spicy one of olives, but we invite you to try the recipe for baked pumpkin with olives and parmesan.

For a more traditional approach, you can add the olives seasoned with your favourite fish recipes. Fancy an easy example? Sea bream baked in foil. There is a large number of recipes with marinated olives out there. Again, it is our aim to present to our clients and readers as many recipes as we can to let everybody enjoy food garnished with this astonishing product!