Why Miccio Olives


  • Our olives are made sweeter by an ancient de-bittering process that preserves their distinguishing shiny green/black colour whilst allowing to maintain a superior quality product.
  • Our product range “Fresh Line” is ideal  for consumers that are not satisfied by a merely ordinary product. The secret lies in the absence of a pasteurization process, that leaves the flavours and the freshness intact. Hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and small  businesses that cater to a demanding clientèle prefer this product line.
  • Our “Easy Line” allows us to reach a clientèle with a simpler palate and a broader spectrum of consumers. Our pasteurization process allows these products to have a longer shelf-life without compromising on taste. This makes the product range ideal for all the main supermarket chains, as well as for any other business geared at fulfilling greater quantity consumption, allowing us to obtain an ample range of loyal customers with a limited budget
  • Our production structure is so flexible that we are able to offer our clients differing weight options, ad hoc products as well as white labels, so as to fulfil their every need – just ask!
  • Our stringent respect for hygiene norms and quality is what makes the flavour of our products always of a superior nature, within an elegant and refined presentation.
  • Furthermore, our compliance to delivery deadlines and our willingness to interact directly with our clients helps us maintain stable, long-term relationships with all of our clients.

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