Marinated Olives

Our company is highly specialized in the preparation of marinated and pickled vegetables in oil, utilizing both old traditional recipes of Italian cuisine and our own family ones in particular. You could also just simply utilize our olives and create your own marinades – adding the ingredients of your choice – but for those of you that don’t have the time, the desire or the creativity … then we have perfected traditional recipes, as well as developed our own original ones, to satisfy even the most hard to please of palates. Our marinated olives (used either whole or pitted) come manly from Sicily (or Greece), and they are artfully blended with a variety of herbs (amongst which you may find chilli peppers, garlic, vinegar and spices) and bathed in a radiant bath of sunflower oil. To our marinated green olives – or marinated black olives – we also offer products that include other vegetables, such as peppers or mushrooms. With the addition of aromatic spices and other ingredients we achieve a more intense and determined flavour to our marinated olives, creating a harmony of gusto that evokes the aromas and the scents of the Mediterranean. How can you not let yourself go in front of these bright little temptations – our marinated olives – swimming in their beds of oil, vinegar and herbs? You can almost feel them conjuring up the powerful emotions and the strong underlying passion of Sicily … how can you resist?

Pitted Olives “Boscaiola”
Pitted Olives “Capricciosa”
Pitted Olives “Paesanella”
Marinated Green/Black Pitted
Tris di Olive
Tris di Funghi
Miccio's Olives

Green Olives
Black Olives


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