Black Olives Slices

Black Olive slices

What is there more versatile than black olive slices? What makes a difference is the quality of the olives. Not all of them can claim they are Miccio olives. Our black olive slices come from Morocco, and their varieties include the Picholine and the Beldì. They are picked while still green and made to ferment in their preserving liquid, so that the colour darkens but also so that they acquire the delicate sweet flavour that they are known for. They are then carefully washed and pickled, after a scrupulous and attentive quality control, both of the pulp and their peel. The olives then get categorized based on their colouring, to then pass on to the slicing. Our black olive slices are ideal for all types of recipes, from salads to pizzas and focaccia breads. They are the perfect mix between flavour and convenience. You could make a tapenade to accompany with bread-sticks or crackers, or they could be part of interesting side dishes in need of a little whimsy (for example, sautéed broccoli with oil, garlic, our fantastic black olive slices and a nuance of white wine). Our olives are the missing ingredient needed to add that sweet yet spicy touch that will transform your dishes from just plain good to truly exceptional.
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Calories (Kcal/Kj) Fat (g) (saturated) Carbohydrate (g) Proteins (g) Salt (g)
0 0 0 0 0
*Typical value per 100g.
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