Gaeta Black Olives

Gaeta Olives

The Itrana Olive from Lazio has for years been known as the “Gaeta Olive” because for centuries the port of the namesake town has been the main exporting hub for this phenomenal product … allowing for it to reach households all over the world. The majority of its production still gets cultivated in the areas surrounding Itri – in the “Pianura Pontina” (Pontine Plain) where the lulling hills enjoy the warm sea breeze from only a few kilometres away. These exquisite little olives are unique for their unusual rose-coloured hue, their soft consistency and they flavour, which is intense, think and persistent. To maintain their unmistakable flavour – slightly more on the bitter spectrum – after a late harvesting (in full winter) they are then brined. Delicious on their own, they are also excellent to add to all types of sauces, but in particular to the “Puttanesca” sauce to accompany your pasta. But don't relegate this delightful olive only to your first course. They are delectable in salads, as well as both meat and fish dishes. In particular, we would like to propose them in codfish recipes, whether it be with tomatoes and capers or with potatoes. In both cases, the dish is exalted to another height when seasoned with out black Gaeta olives. But why limit yourself? They add a tasty component to dishes that are Tuna based, or even just plain fresh vegetables.
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Calories (Kcal/Kj) Fat (g) (saturated) Carbohydrate (g) Proteins (g) Salt (g)
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*Typical value per 100g.
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